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Iran Is A Country

A few weeks ago I went to the bank for some banking works. By the time when the customer service understood that I am an Iranian asked me ” Are you thinking that the president of America has to negotiate with the president of your country?”

I said why not? Negotiation is not a bad thing, but if you want the talks will reach a conclusion, I must say that the President in my country is not exact position for the final decision about foreign policy and you should go to the right person. He said “you mean’s Supreme leader?”I said “Yes, you know well…”!!!!

After the general political discussion with him I came out of the bank and I was thinking about that. It was interesting that Iran’s issue is the case for so many American citizens.

I remember just a few years ago that when I was saying to people “I am an Iranian”. They were saying “Oh, you are from Iraq”!!! Okay, so it is a positive point that apparently the result of Ahmadinezhad speeches and American media attention to him that at least more people knows Iran as a country now!!

2 comments on “Iran Is A Country

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